We are so excited to welcome you into our Kalo Fitness community and to help you achieve your fitness goals. Thank you for choosing us! Before we get going we wanted to give you a little background about us (Jourdan and Niccole), talk about our values, let you know why we started Kalo and how it came to be. 

Background: We (Jourdan and Niccole) have both been trainers for over 15 years, have successfully transformed/trained hundreds of clients and have almost all of the fancy certifications and credentials to our names. However, push all the titles, degrees and accomplishments aside, and we are two women that truly LIVE for helping our clients create a fitness lifestyle that is in alignment with their individual core values. From there, everything else falls into place; from workouts to nutrition to habits to JOY, it all starts with getting to the root of what lights you up inside and understanding why you do the things you do. Our ultimate goal is that training with us will help you find the strongest, truest and best version of who you are, both in the gym and in your life.

Why we started Kalo: We couldn’t find a fitness community that took into account the ENTIRE PERSON (a critical and key component to getting any lasting results) – from stress levels, to period cycles, to quality of sleep, to hormones, to overall quality of life (things that we learned the hard way could make or break a fitness program)… and we knew there was a need for it and that we could provide it. Kalo was born shortly after. The word Kalo is derived from the greek word Kalon, meaning beauty that is more than skin deep. We believe that wellness is more than just sweating. It’s a combination of truly understanding oneself through compassion, overcoming challenges, mindfulness, and ultimately having a strong support system to continue to grow and transform through every chapter of life. 


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